How Do You Celebrate?

How Do You Celebrate?

In our family when we have something to celebrate, our celebration dinner begins with a shrimp ring. Someone got a high grade on a report card… have a shrimp ring; someone’s High School GPA is amazing… have a shrimp ring; someone has been accepted into university…have a shrimp ring; someone landed a summer job in Bermuda…you get the idea. Shrimp rings mark all the little and big celebrations in our family.  It’s our way of saying, “We love you and celebrate you because you’re very valuable and special to us,” and, “Yay!”

Traditions peculiar to us are part of the special bond we share as a family. I want our kids to remember the home where they grew up as a place of many shrimp ring occasions.  I hope they feel how very loved and cherished they always were and still are. Shrimp rings are a small symbol of that love.

We still celebrate with shrimp rings. The “kids” still count tails to be sure everyone has had their fair share, no matter whose victory we are celebrating. We chuckle at the tradition now but enjoy it every bit as much as we did in the beginning. It’s a little tradition that carries a big message. I wonder if they will do it with their own kids.

How do you celebrate?

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