Sage Advice from Mom and Dad

Sage Advice from Mom and Dad

Have you ever noticed how much your parents’ advice shaped the person you are and the life you lead? So many things Mom and Dad said stayed with me, guided and supported me and even altered the course of my life.

When I started dating, Mom said, “Don’t worry [if this doesn’t work out] – there’s always another guy right around the corner.” It became my dating reality. She also used to say, “This too shall pass,” something that has provided much comfort to me at challenging times in my life. I recall her advising me not to argue with someone when they said something derogatory and offensive.  “Say, ‘Pardon me?'”, she said, “making them repeat it (which allows their words to echo back to them) and then just walk away.” Powerful.

Dad’s advice came in the form of a warning intended to protect me; “If you go too close to the fire, you might get burned.” I may have tested his theory a few times but I came to understand this advice and to appreciate it. Dad’s advice is always profound. When I was trying to decide whether or not to self-publish my first book he listened to my arguments then he agreed with my leaning towards self publishing saying, “Get it out there and fail fast! And then write another book and get that out there too!”

I’m so grateful to Mom and Dad for their sage advice. I hope I am doing as stellar a job with my children.

What wisdom did your parents share that stays with you? What sage advice will you pass on to your children?

photo credit: Brian Schwenk

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