What Things are on Your Holiday To Do List?

What Things are on Your Holiday To Do List?

There are always five things on my Holiday To Do list:

  • getting the Christmas cards ready and mailed
  • shopping; this is when it begins to feel like Christmas!
  • baking the traditional family sweets
  • decorating; I’m trying  something different this year  – a more minimalist style
  • wrapping;  I love to do this in front of the TV when a Christmas Special is airing

I usually decorate the house on December first. That’s when I pull out the Christmas music too, mainly because the CD’s have been packed away with the decorations. By then there is usually snow, bringing up my energy and giving a Christmassy feeling to whatever I’m doing. We save the tree for last, making it a day-long event, but that’s for a later post.

By December first the unfinished items on my To Do list are consigned to a count-down/schedule with each day tending to a Christmas preparation item.  I’m as excited about Christmas today as when I was eight years old. Some things should not be outgrown.

What things are on your Holiday To Do list?

photo credit: Liz West

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