How Do You Let Go?

How Do You Let Go?

Have you learned how to let go of negative emotions;  hurts you no longer need in your life? It’s ironic, isn’t it, that we would hold on to something that hurts us? It may that we are troubled by an inability to forgive or perhaps we’ve achieved that but we just can’t forget. If only it were easy to let go, as simple as following the advice from the movie “The Lion King”; “Put your behind to the past…” and walk away. But some things have too much of a grip on us to make that easy to do.

Years ago I happened upon a small book at the library by Guy Finley called The Secret of Letting Go. This was a great find. I fell in love with this empowering book! I wanted to make it a Christmas gift to everyone I cared about. At that time in my life there were things I needed to release and what I learned in this book helped.

A few years later I discovered “The Sedona Method”. (Watch the introductory video here.) The Sedona Method is a powerful, simple technique and it works.

In my book, The Happy Place, I outline a process for letting go of emotions which hold us back from living a full and happy life. I want to know the reasons for the feelings. I want to hear what they have to say. Only then, after deriving the learning and experiencing the healing they offer, am I willing to let them go.

I’m a huge fan of Anthony Robbins. I love his no-nonsense, empowering approach to life. Here in a 1:28 minute video is what he has to say about letting go of anger and resentment.

Are there unwanted feelings; anger, hurts, resentments, in your life which are holding you back? What tools and techniques do you use to deal with your negative emotions? How do you let go?

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