Do You Use Home Remedies?

Do You Use Home Remedies?

My husband, who was part of a very large family living in the country, was not given to running to the hospital at any little problem. I was with him on that. To seek natural remedies for what ailed us always seemed like a good idea to us.

This mindset made us receptive to two things. The first was something that was introduced to me under the name of “palming”. It was a way to reduce the pain of injury or headaches or other physical pain by placing palm over palm and holding them about six inches in the air over the affected area. Slowly you move your palms closer to the area until the palms are touching the person and the pain is gone. Palming was my introduction to energy work; a precursor to Quantum Touch and Reiki for me, but that’s for another post.

The lady who introduced me to palming also brought essential oils into our lives. I knew about aromatherapy but I thought it was merely nice aromas. I didn’t know essential oils had healing properties. This was an idea I could get behind: aromatic, pure, natural, life-force-rich oils from plants which could help fight colds and sore throats, sore muscles, headaches, indigestion and so on. They smelled wonderful, mostly, and many were effective through simple inhalation.

Besides essential oils and energy work, one of my favorite home remedies is honey for soothing a sore throat. Have you tried this? What home remedies that work for you?

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