Do You Believe the Mind, Body and Emotions are Connected?

I am excited to introduce my brother to you! Allan Abbass is a Family-Physician-cum-Psychiatrist who specializes in, researches, and teaches worldwide about a psychotherapeutic treatment model called Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

If you have ever wondered if there is anything to the idea that the mind and emotions have an impact on our health, you will want to watch this concise and informative interview!

I’ve long believed in the connection between the mind, body and emotions.  I observe it in my Reiki practice, I experience it in my own life, I wrote about it in my book.

It’s interesting how life goes, isn’t it? As I was formulating my beliefs via my travels on the alternative, “New Age” route, my brother was collecting data to forge a path on the traditional one and validating through science what I had come to believe.

What exciting times we live in! Do you believe the mind, body and emotions are connected? How have you experienced this in your life or in your work?

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