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  • The Power of Anticipation

    “…What the brain expects to happen in the near future affects its physiological state.” ~Evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers I’m reading a wonderful book called Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin MD that tells the story of a..

  • Could This Be Your Superpower?

    Do you enjoy riddles? See if you can guess what this is: It makes you feel better than the mood-elevating act of eating chocolate makes you feel. It make you feel better than you’d feel if you..

  • Do You Believe in Miracles?

    “Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” – St. Augustine I was reading a wonderful article the other day (from which I copied this quote) that got me..

  • Do You Believe the Mind, Body and Emotions are Connected?

    Do You Believe the Mind, Body and Emotions are Connected?

    I am excited to introduce my brother to you! Allan Abbass is a Family-Physician-cum-Psychiatrist who specializes in, researches, and teaches worldwide about a psychotherapeutic treatment model called Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. If you have ever wondered if..

  • What Do You Really Know For Sure?

    Recently, after looking at all the posts in the Life User’s Manual, Bryan asked me if “… some of the conversations have even changed your perspective on the topics you wrote about.” Yes! The conversations here on the porch have changed..

  • What Do We Really Know About Health?

    For as long as I can remember I’ve been pondering these three questions: What makes us sick? What helps us to heal? What keeps us healthy in the first place? When I was growing up my mother..

  • Do You Use Home Remedies?

    My husband, who was part of a very large family living in the country, was not given to running to the hospital at any little problem. I was with him on that. To seek natural remedies for..

  • How to Focus on Your Goals

    We’re very pleased that Daniel Wood has written an article for us today! Daniel found Life,for instance in its early days and has become a valued member of the community.  (See what Daniel is up to here!)..

  • What’s your Favorite Comfort Food?

    When I crave comfort food, I create a concoction we always called “peanut butter and molasses in a dish”. I’m not sure why we added the “in a dish” part, particularly since we mixed it in and..