What Do You Really Know For Sure?

What Do You Really Know For Sure?

Recently, after looking at all the posts in the Life User’s Manual, Bryan asked me if “… some of the conversations have even changed your perspective on the topics you wrote about.” Yes! The conversations here on the porch have changed my perspective by broadening it through the benefit of other people’s experiences.

It made me wonder what I really know for sure – about anything!

It seems to me that life is purely interpretation. What you and I see and conclude are our interpretations of life; how it works and what is true. These interpretations form our realities and they can change.

For instance, years ago when I was actively marketing essential oils I taught that we needed essential oils to protect and detoxify our bodies from the toxic environment in which we live because toxins were responsible for many of our illnesses.

I’ve since discovered Louise Hay. Her theory of the connection between the mind and body resonates greatly with me.

Then I was introduced to German New Medicine. This theory made sense on a biological/psychological level.

And now I find myself wondering how the law of attraction fits into this puzzle.

If you asked me today what I believe is true about health and illness I’d say that how we feel trumps everything.

We could each throw our ideas about this one topic into the center of the room and we would see a massive pile of different interpretations. And this is just one aspect of life that we interpret for ourselves.

But what do we really know for sure? What do you know for sure?

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