The Fractal Life of a Blogger

The Fractal Life of a Blogger

Today we welcome Carole Remy, writer and dog rescuer – and blogger, to Life, for instance to share her blogging story! You’ve probably met Carole here on the porch but now we get a chance to peek into her life! Carole blogs regularly over here! Take it away Carole!

True confession: I’m a former math teacher and certified nerd. I love fractals! Merriam Webster defines ‘fractal’ as “any of various extremely irregular curves or shapes that repeat themselves at any scale on which they are examined.” My blogging life is indeed irregularly shaped. More importantly, life and blog intersect and replicate like a fractal mosaic.

My early blogging life was a matter of practicality. One blog was an archive of a weekly newspaper column, and another was a compendium of my published poems. Neither generated much discussion, nor was meant to. My life at the time was also practical, a fallow period after an illness. I wasn’t ready to examine my life in depth, and the blogs reflected that – good content but little invitation to interact.

About a year and a half ago, I began to wake up emotionally. I had moved to Mexico, learned Reiki, and practiced yoga daily. I began to comment on Melody Fletcher’s blog, Deliberate Receiving, and to write guest posts which reflected and dissected my changing beliefs. The blog in microcosm was a window into the macrocosm of my emerging emotional life.

About a year ago, I realized that I am an empath. If you drink a cup of coffee, I get a buzz. As I learned to reconcile the difficulties and rewards of life as an acknowledged empath, I began to relish discussions with visitors. Putting emotions on paper is a pleasure. Interacting with readers is a joy! Again, my blogging life flowed into a new pattern that reflected my emotional life.

On December 31, 2012, I told the Universe that I was ready for the next stage. On January 1, 2013, the Universe delivered! I woke up knowing what my inspired action is. I am releasing e-book versions of five novels which had been published between 1995 and 2001. I started a new blog using my pseudonym, Carole Remy. Every step has been easy. Every decision a no-brainer. I just know, and the Universe lays everything in front of me.

How is this new me reflected in my blogging life? The new blog has a bustling energy and a sense of fun. My life is a fractal hodgepodge of dog rescue, Tweeting, blogging, preparing books, and watering the lawn – every bit of which I love.

I wait now until something feels exactly right. Living in awareness, I’m now blogging in awareness. Life is good!

Does your emotional life reflect in your blogging life? Has your blogging changed over time, reflecting changes in your life? Is blogging an inspired action, where each keystroke is a joy?

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