The 4th Blogiversary of LFI and Why You Should Blog

The 4th Blogiversary of LFI and Why You Should Blog

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since I first ventured into this place we call the “Blogosphere”. On November 1. 2010, with the posing of this question: What Do You Think About Life?, “Life, for instance” was born.

I started a blog to promote our business, Terra Cotta Pendants. It turns out that blogging is as much a personal experience as a professional one. I’ve recently discovered this is not my experience alone: Research is showing that it is very good for your health to have a blog.

According to this article there is therapeutic value in blogging; this study reports emotional and physical health benefits of expressive writing; and this article lists five reasons your life will improve if you share your story. Clearly we are onto something good. I’m not surprised and I bet these bloggers wouldn’t be at all surprised either.

I can’t recommend highly enough the practice of maintaining a blog. Blogging has helped me to process my life at times when life has been very difficult. When my son died in 2012 many people thought I’d stop blogging. When I resumed blogging after some time away they saw my return as an act of courage but writing about the whirlpool of emotions I was caught up in, and feeling your support as we met here on the porch helped me immeasurably to deal with the unthinkable loss.

Thank You. Your presence is what makes me a writer. Together we evolve thoughts and ideas more than I would have thought possible. We are all in this together, this adventure called life. I’m so glad you come to the porch so we can talk about it.

Are you a blogger? Do you experience therapeutic benefits of blogging? If you don’t have a blog have you ever considered starting one?

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