Are You Changing the World?

Are You Changing the World?

I admit it; I always wanted to change the world. I’m just now making peace with the fact that probably isn’t going to happen. I’m beginning to wonder if it is a bit too ambitious to aspire to change the world.

What if, as the sages say, everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be?

This quote by James Allen in As A Man Thinketh got me thinking, “Those who are not prepared for the apprehension of a great purpose, should fix their thoughts upon the faultless performance of their duty, no matter how insignificant their task may appear.”

I am no longer sure I am prepared for the apprehension of a great purpose. I’m beginning to think life is too short for great purposes. What if I decide I don’t want to change the world; what if I just leave it the way I found it?

I’m not giving up or going anywhere. I’ve just decided to spend more time fixing my thoughts upon the faultless performance of my duty as I see it and less time wondering how or if I can make a difference. Besides, I suppose if I can change anything, I should, as the photo says, start with me.

Maybe just redecorating my own corner of the world (sweeping the porch, putting out cookies and tea, sending out invitations…) is enough for today. Maybe I can change the world tomorrow.

Are you changing the world? Are you redecorating your corner of it? How?

photo credit: Tess Mayer

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