Are You Lucky?

Are You Lucky?

My sister won a trip for two to the Super Bowl! Her husband, the one who bought the winning ticket in her name, was over the moon about it. Yep – they were there! Talk about being lucky!

My mother was lucky. She often won things. I remember when I was a child and she was entering a contest where she had to compose the words and music for the last line of an advertising jingle for “Crino” milk powder. She would test different possibilities and could be heard singing them around the house. She won second prize and an electric knife for her efforts. She entered a lot of contests and won a lot of things. Once she even won a car!

The decision that I must have inherited her luck started me on my winning streak. I won at Bingo, I won door prizes at fashion shows and even shared the luck with others at my table. I perused the prize table at my 20th year High School class reunion and decided I didn’t want any of those – until I saw the top price – a custom reunion T-shirt. I decided I’d like to win that – and did! Once, at an event I was sponsoring, I felt it wouldn’t be right for me to win a prize but it would be okay if my friend, who was helping me, won. She did. She told me that she had never won anything before.Yes – you read it right: it was as if I had passed my luck onto her!

But what is luck? Why do some people have it while others don’t? Why are we lucky at some times in our lives and not so lucky at other times?

I was first introduced to the enigma of luck by Richard Wiseman’s book The Luck Factor. Recently, I came across this informative site which outlines in detail these four principles of good luck:

  1. Create, notice and act upon chance opportunities
  2. Use intuition to make successful decisions
  3. Expect the best for the future
  4. Transform bad luck into good fortune

If you’d like to know more about what makes one lucky, check out this article at

Seems there is more to luck…than luck.

Where are you on luck spectrum? Have you ever had a lucky streak – or an unlucky streak? Are you lucky?

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