What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

It was our first Christmas together as a married couple. My husband was on the floor in the living room, putting the finishing touches on the wooden manger he was building for the ceramic figurines my mother had made for me years ago. It was taking longer than we had anticipated. When he was finished we would decorate our first Christmas tree. While I waited, I lay down on the sofa and took a nap.

When I awoke later, there was a TV tray in front of the sofa covered with plates of cheese and crackers, olives, smoked oysters and pickles. Two wine glasses were filled with cranberry juice. He had finished building the manger and had instituted our first family Christmas tradition; Tree Day.

We snacked, we decorated. We do it to this day. For our kids, Tree Day has always been a special part of Christmas. It’s the official beginning of the festivities; the first event scheduled on our Holiday calendar. Tins of smoked oysters and boxes of crackers are already accumulating in the pantry in anticipation of Tree Day 2010.

What holiday traditions do you enjoy?

photo credit: John Morgan

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