Why We Love Romantic Christmas Movies

Why We Love Romantic Christmas Movies


I admit it; I love watching romantic Christmas movies.  But this year, I noticed something about them.

I think I’ve discovered the reason why so many of us love watching these movies.



It’s not for the cheesy romance.

It’s not for the predictable, interrupted first kiss.

It’s not for the match-making child of the single parent who gets the couple together.

It’s not for the triumphant struggles to save a town that has economic woes.

It’s not for the Christmas festivals, skating, ornament-making, or music.

It’s not for the town tree lighting ceremony.

It’s not for the abundance of Christmas decorations in homes and businesses, on streets, and in town squares.

It’s not even for the homemade Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, or cider.


We Watch them for Another Reason

It’s for the sense of Community the characters enjoy.  In every movie, we hear about the spirit of support and togetherness of the people in the town; in every movie, they talk about the importance of Community.

We enjoy Community vicariously through the characters in these movies, something not to be decried in our world today.


Take the Christmas Reins in Your Group

When you gather with friends and family over the holidays, play one of these Community building games to celebrate the people in your life and build Community with them!

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