What is Priority Number One?

What is Priority Number One?

We want to welcome Christina (Menina292000) and thank her for writing such an insightful post for today. We really appreciate the sharing of her personal experiences in discerning her priorities; something that can be beneficial to all of us.

Until recently, I have poured my heart and soul into my work. Working weekends, at home, sacrificing schoolwork, and even during what should have been vacations. Then a few months ago organizational changes were made in the company which left me, as well as many others, feeling rather wounded and disheartened. I felt the gamut of emotions; resentment, frustration, shock, and unhappiness…all of them. Then one day the tumultuous sea of emotions and thoughts just stopped and everything narrowed to one single thought: Is this what I want to be doing? All the noise inside my mind, heart, and soul quieted and I felt myself emotionally and psychologically exhale and I said…no. It was at that moment I realized I had worked myself into forgetting my priorities.

Life and the things in our lives get busy and overwhelming. We have errands to run, dishes to wash, clothes to fold, families to feed, ballet and football practice, piano lessons, karate class, sewing to finish, costumes to make, bills to pay, money to earn, dinner parties to attend, PTA meetings, boxes to pack or unpack, pedicures, manicures, hair appointments, doctor visits, and for many of us the list goes on from here. With all that you are doing, have you worked yourself into forgetting your priorities?

Since my original “light bulb moment”, I have scarcely thought about anything other than my priorities and how to re-harmonize my life. It’s not an easy transition to make and it will take time. For now, work is no longer one of my top priorities. In fact, I recently took a week off and I didn’t even look at my e-mail once. I had moments when I felt nervous about what was happening but I sat back and thought it will happen or it will not but I will not get this day with my family again.

Yes, piano lessons, etc., are important –especially if they’re paid for already. What I am asking is whether or not all of those things are real priorities? When your life is said and done, do you want to carry with you the knowledge that you were on time to a karate class, how much money you made or how many dinner parties you attended? Will you want others to remember that about you? If you are running around, pouring your heart and soul into these things, and your heart quietly answered no; then I dare say you too have forgotten your priorities.

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