Overwhelmed: How to Push Your Reset Button

Overwhelmed: How to Push Your Reset Button

“I’m just catching up with yesterday.
By tomorrow I should be ready for today.”

~ Author unknown

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pace of your life? Have you ever, say, incorporated your business, bought a house and discovered you were pregnant all in the same month (guilty), or have you found yourself dealing with the loss of your mother, your first child leaving for university and buying a house in the country all at the same time (yep – me again; our house-buying timing was always interesting.) Sometimes it can feel like life is going way too fast.

It isn’t only having too many stressors that can contribute to overwhelm. The exciting things can too. I tend to get very excited about the new things in my life; projects, hobbies – careers! Working on something new inspires and energizes me. I get so caught up in it that I can’t stop thinking about it or doing it. It’s like something inside drives me……to exhaustion.

Life is busy, particularly when you’re in school, or when you have young children, or when you are starting your career, or when you are in business for yourself. Life is busy at the best of times, isn’t it, and yet we can miss these “best times” because we’ve become overwhelmed.

There is a way to bring balance and calm back into your life during very busy times. In my Reiki practice I often teach my clients something I think of it as “pushing the reset button”. Try this the next time you feel overwhelmed:

1) Sit in a comfortable chair
2) Take a nice deep breath, allowing your belly to go out as you inhale
3) Blow the air slowly out your mouth
4) Imagine that the soles of your feet sprout roots that now grow deep into the earth
5) Inhale, bringing up that beautiful, healing earth energy, filling your body with it
6) Exhale, allowing any fatigue and anxiety to drain out through the roots
7) Keep breathing this way for about five minutes or until you feel calm
8) Say to yourself aloud: “I can handle this. And I will.”

How do you deal with times of overwhelm in your life? How do you push your reset button?

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