Do You Think Too Much?

Do You Think Too Much?

“Did you ever stop to think,
and forget to start again?”
~Winnie the Pooh

I admit, I’ve done that at times. Repeatedly as I was growing up, I was recipient of the same unsolicited assessment of my personality; “Lori, you think too much!”

When I was a teenage my best friend and I used to ride our bikes for hours talking about life. This discussion carried on through High School, university and is still ongoing today. I do think a lot, but too much? Do you believe a person can think too much? Have you ever had someone say that to you?

Can a person be too introspective? Maybe, but I’m with Socrates on this one; “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We’ve got an amazing gift, this thing called life. Is it even possible to take that too seriously? I want to understand it better and that takes thinking!

It’s introspection which helps us to understand ourselves; our goals and passions. It’s contemplation that allows us to create a balance between work and play. It’s evaluating, dissecting and discussing various issues we all face that brings out the best ideas!

That’s why I love it here at Life, for instance; so many wonderful introspective people gather to talk about life! No one will accuse you of thinking too much here. We can learn so much from the thoughts, ideas and philosophies that others share.

Besides, we have been known to take things lightly at LFI at times. Has anyone ever accused you of thinking too much? Do you think it’s true?

photo credit: Big Mind Zen Center

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