Are You Really Prepared?

Are You Really Prepared?

Look out LFI community! We’ve got Frank Jennings as our Guest Author today!  Frank has been hanging around here for some time and I smile every time I see his avatar, not because it’s so cool, but because I know I’m going to be laughing by the time I finish reading what he wrote. He blogs over at – visit for some great inspiration!

I have been with my current employer for almost 5 years doing the exact same role, talking to the exact same people, wearing the exact same clothes. What? We are in a recession. Don’t judge me. I take really good care of my things. Well now the perfect job opportunity has arrived in my life. A new position is being offered that will allow me to combine two things I am very passionate about- finance and writing.

Considering that it is my current manager who made me aware of the position I thought I was guaranteed the job. I thought if I put my name in the hat it would be put on the top of the pile with a colored piece of paper while everyone else would be on black and white. It turns out that wasn’t how things worked. I had to interview.

The last job I interviewed for was the one I was currently working and I prepared 2 weeks to make sure I put my best foot forward. I studied the business. I learned the technical jargon. I contacted current employees to learn more about the position. I went all out. This time I was ready to do the same. I spent hours on my vacation reading books, studying strategies and responding to questions in the mirror. There was nothing that was going to stop me from landing this job.

On my first day back from vacation my interview was scheduled in the early afternoon. I walked into the conference room, where the interview would be held, confidently; dressed like I was the CEO of the company, with everything I needed to make a lasting impression. The main interviewer looked me in the eye and asked the first question,

“What made you want to apply for the ______ position?”

“What,” I thought to myself.

In my haste to leave on my vacation I had applied for the wrong job. All my preparation was in vain.

In life we are allotted opportunities that can change the course of our lives. We can spend our time frantically preparing for the moment but it won’t do us any good if we apply for the wrong position. How about you? Are you investing your time in the right things? What really matters most? Do you feel you are really prepared for what’s next in your life?

photo credit: Junior Gomes

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