How Focused Are You?

How Focused Are You?

If you haven’t already met Barbara you’re in for a treat (you’re in for a treat even if you have met her, but you already know that)! She’s a woman of many interests with the heart and pen of a poet. It’s her photo kicking off this fascinating discussion about focus. Take it away Barbara!

I am a traveler of many waters (read: I love writing and photography, cooking and recipes, wine, making my own candles and composing fragrances with essential oils, gardening, travels, the paths of life).

I get easily distracted, especially online, I am a very impatient person and I keep putting off things, Procrastination is my second name.

Once, Lori and I were chatting discussing slowness in connection with Milan Kundera’s book Slowness, she suggested I should write a guest post about it. Me and SLOWNESS, first I need to focus. BINGO and here we go:

You will find many definitions of focus, in photography it is “a point at which rays of light or other radiation converge or from which they appear to diverge, as after refraction or reflection in an optical system” or “The state of maximum distinctness or clarity of such an image”, focus can be a centre of (intense) interest or activity, paying close attention and concentration, combined with a sense of purpose.

When I started blogging in November 2010 it was with the intention of eventually linking all my interests together, I will not go into the hundreds of theories of what you should do with a blog or how to manage all the technicalities – but I am digressing.

I was overwhelmed by all the information on social media, marketing and technical paraphernalia found online, got lost in cyberspace and worried wondered how to find my nest. Nest building online, I like that, and chirping my song in my own voice.

“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”  -Steve Jobs 

Or as Leo Babauta says: “Focus on the present. Stop worrying about the future and holding onto the past. How much of your day is spent thinking about things other than where you are and what you’re doing, physically, at this moment? How often are we living as opposed to stuck thinking about other things? Live now and you live fully.”

This works for me: focus on the now, live in the moment and above all keep it simple. I will acquire new skills when needed and when I am ready for it. But I will try not to succumb to that feeling of helplessness again, of feeling inadequate.

What’s the use worrying about things you cannot control? I will cross the bridge when I come to it.

Are you easily led astray? What temptations will steer you away from concentrating on your goals? How focused are you?

Photo credit: Mark Hunter

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