The Opposite of Addiction is What?

The Opposite of Addiction is What?

“Almost everything we think we know about addiction
is wrong.”
~Johann Hari

In this wonderful TED Talk, Johann Hari makes a case for the importance of “happy and connected lives”. You know I’m thinking about community, right? Watch the video and see some impressive evidence for the importance of having community in our lives!

“You’re not alone and we love you”, he says. These are two core messages of community.

What did you think of the TED Talk? The opposite of addiction is what…?

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I have always loved writing and community building. I’ve written a book about healing and happiness, The Happy Place, as well as a Community Building book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age,both available at any Amazon store. I’ve been through life changes that I thought were the end of my world, but I’m still here. You never know what will happen next. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?