What are Your Favourite Summer Activities?

What are Your Favourite Summer Activities?

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon;
to me those have always been
the two most beautiful words
in the English language.”
~ Henry James

If I had to choose one summer activity it would be this; sitting on the shore of the Bras D’Or Lakes in Cape Breton gazing into the waters, breathing in that invigorating salt air and contemplating life.

But one activity isn’t enough! When we were in High School, my best friend and I would make a list of things we wanted to do in the summer.  That was fun because it created anticipation, allowing us to enjoy these activities much longer! So I decided to revive this practice for the summer of 2013. Here’s my list:

  1. Get an ice-cream cone and eat it while walking along the waterfront park across the street from the house where we raised our children and lived for twenty years.
  2. Gather flowers from the yard to adorn our table, beginning with wild plumb and mayflower blossoms and continuing with lilac and Lily of the Valley and whatever else I can find until the last honeysuckle blossom has fallen.
  3. Enjoy a frosty glass of iced coffee on the back patio with a great book to get lost in.
  4. Spend time meditating on the swing and gazing at the little waterfalls in the brook that runs past it.
  5. Have friends and family over to cook and eat outdoors.
  6. Shop downtown on a lazy day and stop for lunch at an outdoor cafe.
  7. Take in one yard sale/treasure hunt – or maybe two!

What are your favourite summer activities?

photo credit: Lori –  beautiful Bras D’Or Lakes

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