Yearly Archives: 2011

  • Do You Keep a Diary?

    Who knows you inside and out? Do you know? I do; you. There is no one who knows you as well as you know yourself! I’d like to think my husband knows me or that my children..

  • Coincidence: Fact or Fiction

    “Coincidence: a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.” Do you believe in coincidence? For me, this question used to be a whispered admission that bordered on a confession;..

  • Do You Long for an Easier Life?

    Have you ever longed for an easier life? Do you ever wish your life drifted lazily along like a canoe on a calm lake on a peaceful summer morning? Or do you relish the challenges of life?..

  • Inspiration: 3 Simple Ways to Find It

    How do you find inspiration? When you want to solve a puzzling problem, tackle a new project, or write a new blog post, what do you do to find ideas? These three powerful yet simple techniques always work for..

  • 4 Stages of Community Building

    We hear a lot about community these days, but do we really know what “community” is and how community building happens? I thought I did until I read Scott Peck’s book, The Different Drum. In this wonderful work,..

  • I’m Proud of You

    I don’t think we ever outgrow the warm-feeling response we get when someone says they are proud of us. Pride, though, is something that’s supposed to come from the inside. We’re supposed to be proud of ourselves!..

  • Are You Insecure?

    “I’m not insecure, am I?” Ritchie Cunningham on the TV show Happy Days That line from Happy Days strikes me so funny. The answer is self-evident – that’s what makes it funny. Or maybe I find it..