Are You Normal?

Are You Normal?

I was reading a post recently and it got me thinking about being normal. I don’t know if I ever have been considered normal, not in my thinking or in my actions and I have a feeling if you’re here on the LFI porch, you haven’t either.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in with the people around you, like a fish out of water? Have you wondered if you were in the twilight zone? Have you ever confessed to someone, tentatively, that you don’t believe in coincidence, that you suspect there is something larger in play?

Yep – me too. I remember a time when I carefully chose who I’d talk to in this way. Do you know what I mean? Many people would think that was strange so you didn’t blurt that out to just anyone.

Now, the confessions are more along the lines of, “I use my intuition when I have to make a decision.”  We’re a lot more willing to take the risk of saying things like this today for one reason:

We are not alone anymore.

Things are changing so quickly. I remember on my Birthday years ago a new friend gave me a book on dream analysis and wrote inside the cover, “Just for fun.” We used to gather, a small group of us, at my kitchen table and talk about strange thoughts and ideas that weren’t often voiced. One time someone jokingly taped a note on the back door that said “Weekly meeting of Psychos Anonymous” to greet the friend who was late in arriving. We didn’t know then the real term for what we were doing, what we were becoming; enlightened beings.

We know now.

Have you ever felt like a black sheep, an outcast, a fish out of water; an outsider in your own life? Brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee and help yourself to a comfortable seat. Let’s talk!

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