Do You Give Unsolicited Advice?

Do You Give Unsolicited Advice?

I love the definition of advice in a song by Baz Luhrmann:

“Advice is a form of nostalgia.
Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal,
wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts
and recycling it for more than it’s worth.”

Does that give you pause? I’m asking myself the question I just put to you, do I give too much unsolicited advice? I’m afraid I do.

I’m sure you won’t judge me for it. Sometimes we have to give advice because:

  1. we hate to see someone suffer
  2. we could show her a shortcut
  3. this could make his life so much better
  4. what’s the point of knowing if you can’t share?

Is there merit in giving advice? Are you morally responsible to do it, rather than not do it or are you obligated to keep your opinions to yourself?

Many who gather here on the porch are personal development bloggers and business of life coaches. Yep – you give advice but it’s asked and paid for so that doesn’t count, does it? Nor does it count when you respond to the questions on the Dear LFI posts.

I swear; when I hear a parent say that his or her child is shy- in front of the child – I’m compelled immediately to regale them with the story of how we told our daughter Natasha when she was small that people mistakenly believed her name was “Shy” and she should correct them by saying, “No, I’m not Shy – I’m Natasha!”  Please don’t tell a child that he or she is shy! May I be excused for dispensing this advice?

Do you give too much advice, unsolicited advice, no any advice at all?

I’m going to go back to two posts a week for a while. I’ve been very busy with my TCP site redesign and I don’t have as much time as I had before. So we’re back to Mondays and Thursdays as of next week. But stay tuned for another Life of a Blogger post this Friday!

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