Do You Have All the Answers?

Do You Have All the Answers?

Do you have all the answers? I wish I did but, well…I don’t. We all have many answers. After all, we’ve spent all of our lives so far collecting them. But I think what we actually have is our answers. We have answers that have helped is to make sense of our lives so far.

My husband remarked recently that none of us arrive here in this life with a map to follow. And even if we construct our own maps rarely do the roads appear where they “should” and seldom is the path the way we imagined it would be. It’s as if we set out into a void drawing our maps as we go.

The map we end up with comprises our answers: when this happens, do this; if that happens, don’t worry because…. Our maps are our theology for life, constructed of a thousand experiences we’ve had and our interpretations of them; the wisdom we’ve collected along the way.

We have lots of answers. Each of us do. Imagine what would happen if we put our answers together. In a way, here on the LFI porch, that’s what we are doing; amassing answers.  We all have wisdom to share; what you say may light a candle to help another find the way. (Many of our visitors arrive at LFI via different posts, not just the current one. Those posts are still a place for you to reach out and share your thoughts with others. Use the Search Box to find topics that interest you.)

I don’t have all the answers and neither do you. That’s why we are better together.

How is your map coming? Do you have all the answers yet?

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