How to Build Community in your Apartment Building

How to Build Community in your Apartment Building

Here’s How

  1. Find a gathering space in the building.  Is there a lounge, a party room, a rooftop seating area or a patio?  You need a place to gather if you’re going to build Community together.
  2. Next, start a group chat on FB, WhatsApp, or whatever forum you most frequently use.  This communication hub will keep everyone in the loop and allow them to connect with one another.
  3. Then, begin to invite people to the group – in person.  Tell them you’re forming a group of tenants to gather for brunches, BBQs, dinners, and game nights.  Collect their contact info and add them to the group, encouraging them to add tenants they know as well.

Plan the First Event

When you have gathered ten or so people, plan your first event.  Keep it simple by using potluck style and getting everyone to bring their own beverage, plate, and utensils so the clean-up is simple.

Plan a Sunday brunch or a BBQ, or a mid-week dinner.  Have a muffin exchange, where everyone brings their tea or coffee and a pan of muffins.  When you’ve finished, divide the remaining muffins among participants.

Start monthly games night, a knitting club, or a book club.  Have Halloween lunches, and Christmas parties – the options are endless.

There is more to Community building than getting together, though this is where you start.  Read Sounding the Drum so you will be prepared for what can, and likely will happen as the group evolves into Community.

In life, we all need a Tribe to journey with.  When you live in an apartment building, you have a ready-made tribe when you put in the effort to build Community with your neighbours.

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