7 Ways Community Leadership Differs from Traditional Leadership

7 Ways Community Leadership Differs from Traditional Leadership

Community leadership is the evolution of leadership. It is, in fact, traditional leadership all grown up.

  1. Community leaders know how to build, guide, and maintain a Community – a complex dynamic of authentic relationships among the members of the group.
  2. Community leaders guide the group in building itself into a Community.  They do not organize a group into a Community;  the act of organizing results in an organization, not a Community.
  3. Community leaders recognize the importance of carving out time to build a Community; they do not leave it to chance.
  4. Community leaders lead from behind the scenes, not from behind the podium; they empower the members to take responsibility for the health of the Community, creating a decentralized group of all leaders.
  5. Community leaders foster soft skills within the group.
  6. Community leaders celebrate the individuality and diversity of all members of the group.  This is not virtue signaling or political correctness – this comes from a place of true connection, caring, and compassion for all members of the Community.
  7. Community leaders spread Community consciousness, a way to see the world through the lens of Community.

In our programs at Kalliergo Community Building, we train participants in Community Leadership; building, guiding and maintaining a Community.  Ask me about our Community Leadership Workshops!

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