Life – and Business – Update

Life – and Business – Update

For the past year, I’ve been taking courses to complete my Master of Organizational Management at Crandall University here in Moncton. This time last year, when I looked over the list of courses in the curriculum, I had a private – and ecstatic – suspicion that I’d just discovered a Master of Community Building Program.

I was right.

From the first course, Organizational Behaviour, where I learned that organizational behaviour has been evolving towards community since the days of the Industrial Revolution when workers were treated as cogs in a machine and organizational management sought ways to derive as many units of output as possible from the  workers, I recognized a positive trend in the business world, as in the world in general, one that marched in tandem with the evolution of the human being.

The findings of the Hawthorne Studies early in the 1920s proved to be a turning point, the moment when we recognized that social factors such as being respected, heard and consulted and a need and desire to belong had as great an impact on a worker’s productivity as financial factors and good working conditions.

Never have we heard more about the importance of teamwork, collaboration, social responsibility, mutual respect and inclusion than we are hearing today.

We are evolving toward a community culture in the workplace.

My most recent course, Organizational Culture and Communication, offered me an opportunity to develop my community building business model. Under the guidance of a brilliant professor steeped not only in academia but in the business world as an entrepreneur and a consultant, I researched, absorbed, listened and learned. For my final paper, I produced 8364 words when only 4000 words were required.

This professor not only generously read the additional 4364 words and gave me a grade of over 99% on the paper, he provided feedback on the first draft of my brochure and helped me set prices for my services.

Perhaps most importantly, when I asked how to get my business started he suggested I do Research & Development projects to develop my model and build my brand as a facilitator building a culture of connection.

The goal of building a culture of connection, to be clear, is not to increase worker output, but to increase worker happiness.

Fostering a culture of connection will help us to realize this goal. I don’t have to tell you that a happy, collaborative, workforce is the foundation of a successful business. Ooops, seems I just did.

Imagine a world in which everyone is just as happy to go to work on Monday morning as they are to leave work on Friday afternoon.

During the time when I’ll be completing my program, I hope to take on a few Research & Development projects. I’ll be offering my services to those organizations willing to take me on at no charge if they are in the Greater Moncton Area, (or for travel and accommodation costs if they are outside of the Greater Moncton Area). These organizations will help me further develop my business model and I’ll help them to deepen their culture. It’s a Win-Win :-)

What exactly do I mean by a culture of connection? It’s a culture comprising these seven characteristics:

  1. Inclusivity – nobody feels ostracized by the group/leadership and nobody is afraid to share an opposing view. Everyone belongs.
  2. Shared leadership – nobody has to bear the entire load; no one has to make all the decisions alone. This contributes to better decision-making. This is the well-proven wisdom of the crowd.
  3. Camaraderie – everyone wants to be here; everyone loves coming to work and has a vested interest in the organization
  4. Commitment – everyone is committed to the mission, vision, values and beliefs of the organization and to the people in it
  5. Collaboration – everyone participates in the growth and evolution of the organization by sharing their gifts, insights and perspectives
  6. Authenticity – nobody feels afraid to be who they are; everyone shows up authentically.
  7. Support –everyone feels brave enough to share an idea or take a risk, knowing they have the support of the group.

Because of the time commitment my studies demand, I’ll only be able to take on a limited number of projects, possibly 3-5. Also, I will only offer this at no charge while I am in school. So take advantage of this gift now!

If you belong to or know of a group or an organization, a corporation, a non-profit, a school or church or another business or social group who would like to meet with me to discuss this offer, request my brochure which I can send by email, snail mail or drop off to you. And share this post with them and ask them to contact me through

Thank you!


Photo by Karalyn Arnett on Unsplash


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