Technology: Are We Too Connected?

Technology: Are We Too Connected?

There are many who say we are too connected via our smart phones and social media sites. Months ago I was inclined to agree.

Technology like smart phones, iPads, and iPods are like brand new toys so they, like all new things, enjoy/suffer the swings of the pendulum. At first, we can’t put the new toy down and after a while, we put it down and forget where we left it.

I believe as the pendulum settles we are learning to achieve the balance between time spent connected online and time spent offline.

But in the meantime, we are missing something?

I believe the prevalence of the behavior being judged as “too” connected via our devices is telling us something and we need to listen.

We are enjoying this level of connection because the feeling of connection is something we lack in our world today. We crave connection. We thrive in it! Technology is not an evil monster that crept up on us from behind and attacked us; it’s a friend we greeted at the front door and invited in.

“Connection” is really another word for the desire for community. Technology like Google+, Facebook, FaceTime and Skype, accessed via our laptops, PC’s and hand-held gadgets can be valid forums for community building. This info graphic that Josh shared shows how important community is to happiness. No wonder we want to stay connected. It makes us feel happy; it makes us feel less alone.

Technology allowed me to develop LFI Google+ Hangouts that used to happen every two weeks and out of that evolved a Mastermind Group. Also, my 50+ cousins and I have started a private FB group where we can share news and photos of our children and ourselves. We once played together in Cape Breton, but now we are able to meet online no matter how far we’ve strayed from our summer place.

I recognize the irony in this issue; at times we ignore the people around us while we are connecting to someone far away. But don’t lose heart. The pendulum is still on the move.

What do you think about the role of technology in our world today? Are we too connected for our own good? Has technology enhanced your life or hurt it?

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