The Coles Notes/Experience of Kalliergo Programs

The Coles Notes/Experience of Kalliergo Programs

For a limited time, we’re offering Free “Coles Notes/Experience” sessions live in Ottawa, Ontario (as we are still relatively unknown in this area) to give people an idea of why we do what we do and the impact our programs have on participants.

The difference between the perception of Kalliergo Community Building programs and the reality of Kalliergo programs can be likened to the difference between:

a package of store-bought s’mores prepared using a microwave oven


campfire-roasted homemade marshmallows sandwiched between handcrafted dark chocolate and home-baked graham crackers.

You can imagine, but you can’t know about the impact of Kalliergo Community Building programs until you experience it.  We offer not only an education in community building but also an experience that is rare in the world today.

The Free mini-session is a valuable opportunity for you to experience this work and decide where/if there are applications for it in your life.

If you’re in Ottawa, contact me for details and dates for upcoming sessions.

Photo by Kayla Speid on Unsplash

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