Welcome 2020

Welcome 2020

Do you, too, view 2020 as a year of perfect vision?  I know 20/20 is not actually perfect vision (20/15 is better than 20/20) but play along with me for a moment, okay?

Imagine you had the power to look out into 2020 and see with perfect clarity what you will accomplish, experience, and enjoy this year.  What would you want to see?

I see a year of exponential growth for Kalliergo Consulting, whose site is now live!  I see fun and fulfilling Community collaborations with Community-minded people propelling this company forward.  I see exciting programs, connections and possibilities.

I believe we all have a superpower, the power to make a decision.  And what a great time it is to exercise that power!

I wish you all the best in 2020.

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

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About The Author

I have always loved writing and community building. I’ve written a book about healing and happiness, The Happy Place, as well as a Community Building book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age,both available at any Amazon store. I’ve been through life changes that I thought were the end of my world, but I’m still here. You never know what will happen next. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?