Have You Ever Asked for a Sign?

Have You Ever Asked for a Sign?

It may come as no surprise to you that I’ve been struggling with Life, for instance lately, just as I have been struggling to accept the tragedy that has impacted my life, acceptance never having been my long suit. (Yes. Struggling with life itself too.)

I didn’t want this porch to become a sad place and you have done a good job in assuring me that I walk the balance well. However, it seems to be quieter around here lately. I know people are busy, yet this only serves to affirm what I fear.

The other day I knew I needed to make a decision and asked for a sign to guide me in making it.

First I remembered we have The Life of a Blogger posts scheduled well into June, as well as some guest posts and another Dear LFI post. I knew I wouldn’t take any action before those posts have run. Decision delayed.

Then I left the porch and went out into the Blogosphere to do some visiting.

I saw Mark had posted and drew near to hear what wisdom he would share. He suggested, “Don’t take things personal, Keep your emotions in check, Roll with the changes…”  Thanks, Mark.

At  Ken’s place I was reminded to tie a knot at the end of this rope. He talked about icons who have mastered discouragement, “…not only did they tie a knot at the end of their ropes, they began to climb again, not content to dangle indefinitely.”

At Sandi’s I gained a fresh perspective on something I’d known already.”An acorn must become an oak tree, and you must become you,” she said quoting Abraham Maslow and elaborated, “Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”  Growth. Were these just growing pains?

Dia put it bluntly: “Did You Give Up on Your Goals?” He reminded me that imagination is key. I started this venture with a wonderful picture in my mind of what this place could be. I realized I’d gotten lost in the forest and couldn’t see anything but the trees.

Was there a conspiracy in the Blogosphere that day? Messages were hitting me like arrows.

Yep – a conspiracy. I made my decision.

Have you ever asked for a sign when you were making a decision and received one in a beautiful or mysterious way?

photo credit: Paul Dixon

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