The Empowering Life of a Blogger

The Empowering Life of a Blogger

Today we welcome Angela Artemis to the Life of a Blogger series! Angela is a beautiful soul and a wonderful medium who has shared her wisdom and experience in her book, The Intuition Principle!

I work in the financial industry – which is not a very creative profession so, to nurture my creativity I started a blog. Powered by Intuition is where I write about metaphysical topics such as meditation, spirituality, intuition development, parapsychology and mediumship.

It’s thrilling to have a platform where I can share my interests so openly. It means I am free to be the person I was meant to be – to talk about the things that interest me and – to commune with like-minded individuals. Being a blogger is so much better than merely being a “writer” because, you get to know the people who are reading you. This is what creates a “community,” which is so cool especially, when you get to know people from all over the world.

To me blogging is a lot like having hundreds of pen-pals, which is something I did and loved when I was young. There was something sacred about trading letters with people you’d never met; the way you got to know one another gradually and eventually, became friends pouring your heart and soul out to each other. Answering reader email feels a bit like that for me.

I often lose myself in the process of writing and hours can go by unnoticed. Luckily, I’ve never had writers block because, I don’t plan ahead nor do I use an editorial calendar. I just sit down and write whatever comes to me. When I first started blogging I had dozens of unfinished drafts in my files. I have learned to press publish no matter what.

One of the biggest reasons I love blogging is because the process of writing helps me to understand what I think about things. I’m not very good at formulating my ideas until I see them on paper. Writing them out helps to organize my thinking. I’ll read something I’ve written and I say, “Oh so that’s what I think about that aye?” It’s funny. I surprise myself sometimes!

Blogging has been very liberating for me. It has freed me to be more fully “me” and for that I am so grateful. It has also allowed me to develop a mediumship practice – which I love because I think it is so healing to someone who is dealing with grief. If something were to prevent me from blogging I would miss it terribly. I think I would go through withdrawal symptoms as bad as any heroin addict, to be perfectly honest.

Do you use an editorial calendar or do you write whatever you are moved to write? Do you ever face writer’s block? How do you overcome it?

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