What’s on Your Nightstand?

What’s on Your Nightstand?

They say one of the best ways to gain insight into a person is to have a peek at the items adorning their bedside table. (I know I read it somewhere!) I thought we might have fun with that idea. We might be surprised at what we learn about one another. Go and look at your nightstand and then come back – and share!

What? Oh, okay, but really; do I always have to be the one to go first?

On my nightstand beneath my lamp are bottles of essential oils, especially ones for sleep, like Lavender, and Clove for a mid-night tickle in the throat. I also have some of my favourite blends for calming and grounding, and some of my favourite daytime blends.

I have a photo frame with pictures of Alex at ages two, twelve and twenty-two and additional photos of my children displayed between the nightstand and the glass.

There is an alarm clock, of course.

I keep a deck of playing cards there to use as counters for my favourite brain-changing technique. The cards are a visual reminder to do the technique every night.

Usually I have my iPod there too. I use it for meditations as I fall asleep and sometimes I use it as an alarm clock, opting for the gentle sound of the harp to draw me from sleep rather than the blasting sound of the alarm clock. There is a wonderful Metronome app on my iPod I sometimes use while I journal. I’ve learned that if you set it to the rhythm of a heartbeat (I use my own pulse rate) it’s soothing as it harkens back to the feeling of being held as a child against your mother’s heart.

I have a few crystals like amethyst, kyanite, spirit quartz and a few significant smaller stones.

My special pen for journalling sits waiting on my nightstand though my journal occupies the shelf beneath it since there are already so many things on top that there is not enough space for my journal there.

What else? Lip balm, moisture cream. I think that’s about it.

Your turn. What’s on your nightstand?

photo credit: Josh Rothma


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