What is Your Superpower?

What is Your Superpower?

Sandi and I talked about superhero powers a while back and both thought it would make a great topic of conversation!  Sandi Amorim is a blogger and coach.

“Superman’s greatest contribution has never been the superhero part:
it’s the Clark Kent part – the idea that any of us,

in all our ordinariness, can change the world.”
– Brad Meltzer

Usually, when the topic of superpowers arises people think of powers like flying, invisibility, or some super-human strength. But what if your true superpower is real and much more practical? Do you know what your super (and sometimes secret) power is?

Your power is secret and/or hidden because you take it for granted. You’ve not noticed because it’s so every-day-normal to you. But if it’s secret or hidden, how do you know it’s your super power? Realize it’s hidden from your view, not from everyone else’s view.

Consider the following:

1. What do people thank you for? 

Often overlooked, the answer to this question offers lots of information, ie: I often hear that my superpower is how I listen. Seriously? Listening as a superpower??? For years, I discounted it because I wanted a sexier, more dramatic power (or at the very least cool accessories like Wonder Woman!)

But listening comes up over and over; I’ve learned to own and appreciate it. I hear what’s not being said, the tiniest pause, a quiet catch of the breath – all cues that help me help others with more impact.

You’ve got your thing that people thank you for, which you minimize because it’s no big deal – to you. But it is a big deal and it makes a difference for others. Give up the self-deprecation and own your power.

2. What’s comes easily to you? 

What do you do as naturally as breathing, and how does it positively impact your life and the people around you?

You’ve got to check this out with others because your own thoughts about it are not reliable. Others may have similar powers, but how you use them is unique to you. The smoke and mirrors of the Internet do not a superpower make. Walkin’ the talk however, shines the light on the heroes in our midst.

 3. What’s your most natural form of expression?

Here’s a hint…it’s related to your values. For example, laughter and fun have got to be present for me or I’m not interested. Along with my listening, people often say they hear my laugh encouraging them to lighten up. I say that’s definitely using my power for good.

What is it for you? Is it the way you write, encourage, inspire? Maybe your peaceful way of being and your sense of calm. The world needs your superpower, do you know what it is?

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