Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • How Do You Handle Praise?

    “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” Mark Twain What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? Do you blush and stammer … dismiss the compliment with a self-disparaging statement …  smile..

  • Do You Take Things Too Personally?

    Today we welcome Stu Mills from Unlock the Door! I’m sure you’ve seen Stu here at Life, for instance and have read his deep and thoughtful comments. In this article, he talks about something we may all..

  • Free Will or Fate: What Rules Your Life?

    “We must believe in free will – we have no choice” ~Isaac Bashevis Singer My husband and I went to the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” recently. I had to see this movie because, as my husband explained..

  • Happiness: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

    “True happiness is uncaused.” Anthony DeMello In a lecture once, Anthony DeMello said that most of what passes for happiness isn’t happiness at all but merely the “fulfillment of desire.”  For instance, you want a new car,..

  • Online, Offline: Are You the Same?

    We’re in for a treat today: Davina is the Guest Author! Of course if you’ve spent any time here at LFI, you’ve probably already been in conversation with Davina. She usually blogs about Marketing and Communication but..

  • Are You a Hugger?

    Hug Department:  Always Open ~Author Unknown When you watched this video, did your heart warm to the thought of hugging perfect strangers, or did you cringe? I hope no one has any preconceived notions about me because..

  • Do You Think Too Much?

    “Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” ~Winnie the Pooh I admit, I’ve done that at times. Repeatedly as I was growing up, I was recipient of the same unsolicited assessment of my..