Monthly Archives: September 2022

  • Community Consciousness

    Community leadership, born of community consciousness, is not about delegating tasks and performing.  It’s about being involved, caring, and doing what builds and sustains a community by connecting with the members and connecting members with one another

  • The 7 Pillars of Community

    At 124 words, this is one of the shortest posts in LFI history! Also, you may notice that I’m using to get these emails to you as the service I used until now is no longer functioning. Note: this means you missed the last (and so important) post: Please check it out and share it with your Ottawa friends. Thanks!

  • How to Build Community in your Apartment Building

    The reason we need to build Community in our apartment buildings is all in the name – apart-ment.  Although we live under the same roof, many people living in apartment buildings feel isolated and alone.  You can change that in your building. This article shows you how.