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  • Do You Run From Your Feelings?

    Does this ever happen to you? You find yourself feeling uncomfortable, sad or out-of-sync with what you believe you should be feeling. So you judge the feeling, ignore it or shoo it away in an attempt to..

  • How Do You Deal With Fear?

    How Do You Deal With Fear?

    We all experience fear from time to time and its no wonder that we do. It’s as if the world tries to make us afraid. The news media regularly reminds us we have plenty to fear. In..

  • Is There a Short Cut to Happiness?

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a short cut to happiness? We’re busy trying to manifest things in our lives that we feel will bring us to that wonderful destination: happiness but we are missing something…

  • What’s Your Emotional Default?

    A “default” is defined here as, “a predesigned value or setting that is used by a computer program when a value or setting is not specified by the program user.” I’ve read that an emotional default is the place you..