How Do You Deal With Fear?

We all experience fear from time to time and its no wonder that we do. It’s as if the world tries to make us afraid. The news media regularly reminds us we have plenty to fear. In what has become the science of marketing today the understanding of psychology is used to engender desires in us, the main one being our desire to avoid the things we fear because it is well known that fear can be a powerful motivator.

The problem is that fear feeds on itself because whatever you focus on expands. When you have a fearful thought your brain automatically goes looking for – and produces – other reasons to be afraid. What starts as one small fear becomes a festival of things to make you worried and afraid. That’s no way to live!

Yet the outside world is not going to change so that we can be less afraid. We have to change the inside world. How?

We’ve talked about fear before here and here yet the question remains; how do we deal with fear?

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I had written this much of the article and set it aside to complete later, but life abhors an unanswered question and the answer came to me soon after that thereby demonstrating the biggest reason we have nothing to fear: Life is paying attention to us and responding to our thoughts and our questions.

Just as focusing on fear causes our brains to produce more reasons to feel afraid, focusing on the many ways the Universe supports us brings more evidence of this support in our lives. In the case of the question I’d posed Life brought me to three responses.

1) That evening I sat to listen to a radio program by Rob White on Blog Talk Radio, preparing to absorb what I could of the amazing wisdom Rob shares. It happened that the program provided an answer to the question I’d posed here earlier in the day.

2) I awoke the next morning remembering about the effectiveness of tapping and found this introduction to share with you.

3) Later in the day I felt inspired to see what Donna Eden’s energy medicine offered on the subject of fear and found an even simpler and faster approach to dealing with fear demonstrated on the video above. I can report, after the month I had last month, this technique works! Techniques like these which help us to understand and downgrade fear allow us to step away from the issue to gain clarity so we can figure out how to deal with it effectively.

What tools and techniques do you use when you are feeling overrun by feelings of fear and anxiety? How do you deal with fear?

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