Is it Just Business – or is it Personal?

Is it Just Business –  or is it Personal?

You may have noticed I didn’t publish a post last week. Sorry about that! I had no way to let you know (except over on Facebook) there would be no post or why there wouldn’t be a post because I didn’t have a web site last week!

Things had gone from bad to worse since our sites were hacked in January, and this past weekend, after an unacceptable amount of downtime, we moved our sites to a new host.

I could give you a few reasons for the move, beyond the obvious; downtime, but the biggest one was that the company just didn’t seem to care.

When the issues persisted and the company continued to ignore my emailed requests for updates, I knew it was time to make a move. I had weathered too many storms with them, cutting them slack when it was my ties with them I should have been cutting.

The other reasons I left my former host were their failure to keep me updated and to apologize for the problems their issues caused me. Not only was the LFI porch inaccessible but also my business was shut down – for days. Frequent updates and, yes, frequent apologies would have indicated that they cared about that and assumed responsibility for the problems.

I feel it’s important to apologize to my customers for delays in delivery and even for downtime even though these things are not directly in my control. Since they are a part of the service I offer, I must assume responsibility. It’s my business; it’s my fault.

To me; it’s never just business.

Do you take your business dealings personally? Do you have a personal relationship, or expect to, with the people you do business with?


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