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  • What is Your Superpower?

    Sandi and I talked about superhero powers a while back and both thought it would make a great topic of conversation!  Sandi Amorim is a blogger and coach. “Superman’s greatest contribution has never been the superhero part:..

  • The Foolproof Way to Learn a New Skill

     We’re happy to introduce someone you probably already know if you’ve spent any time here; Bryan Cromlish, moderator and co-creator of Life,forinstance! We always appreciate his thought-provoking contribution to the conversation and are grateful that he’s agreed..

  • What Do You Think About Life?

    I believe life is a grand adventure. You never know what is going to happen later on today, let alone tomorrow. We have successes and frustrations; accomplishments and struggles; joys and times of eating ice-cream right out..