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  • What’s on Your Nightstand?

    They say one of the best ways to gain insight into a person is to have a peek at the items adorning their bedside table. (I know I read it somewhere!) I thought we might have fun..

  • What is Your Favorite Word?

    Galen proposes an interesting question in a world filled with wordsmiths! Have you thought about it before? You know you have! See Galen’s blog here! Take it away Galen! I like words. Indeed, as a lawyer, I..

  • Isn’t Three Still a Crowd?

    “Two’s company; three’s a crowd.” I was watching one of those YouTube videos of a marriage proposal recently. I love the music and I love the dancing but I couldn’t help but think one thought: That would not..

  • Are You Lucky?

    My sister won a trip for two to the Super Bowl! Her husband, the one who bought the winning ticket in her name, was over the moon about it. Yep – they were there! Talk about being..

  • Where have you Traveled?

    Travel changes us; there is no doubt about that. Travel removes us from the familiar routine that sometimes puts us to sleep back home. It broadens our perspective. When we go away we are able to see ourselves..