Do You Want it All?

Do You Want it All?

“I don’t want it all – I just want a really nice piece of it!”
~ movie “The Women”

I laughed when I heard the character in the movie say she just wanted a really nice piece of it because, of course, it’s true for me. I mean no disrespect to those who do want the private jet and the mansion in the city and the summer estate, but, really; those things don’t make my list.

What does make my list?

  • Family; Team Gosselin doing things together
  • Health and vigor
  • Peace of mind
  • Work that fulfills me and supports me
  • Time to write – something worthwhile to write about
  • The joy of community-building
  • Summer vacation – peace and quiet – and rest
  • Trips to faraway places
  • Challenges, new things to learn
  • Friends to share the journey
  • Eventually, grandchildren to laugh with and hug

Maybe I do want it all. It depends on what your definition of “all” is. And what if your list of wants is short. Does that mean your presumed path to having it all is shorter and therefore you get to “happy” or “fulfillment” sooner than someone whose list is longer? What if you only want one thing, and you already have it. Does that mean you already have it all?

Do you want it all? What’s on your list?

photo credit: Schnaars

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