What if All Your Dreams Came True?

What if All Your Dreams Came True?

“I wish you vintage wine
in every Coca-cola glass;
an end to wishing
signalling you’ve found forever
at the end of now.”
~Rod McKuen

I love this line of verse by Rod McKuen. It stayed with me since I first read the poem in my university days. These words seemed so romantic; the highest wish you could make for someone you cared about.

But today I wonder; what if you did have everything you’d ever wished for? What then? What if all your dreams came true?

Would you want an end to wishing? I’m not sure I would. I would like to always have something to wish for; a new hobby I plan to take up after you finish the one I’m enjoying now or something new I want to learn later. It’s like having a stack of books to read, knowing that when you’ve finished the one you’re reading there are others sitting there waiting for you.

Having dreams not-yet-realized keeps life interesting. I do not wish you an end to wishing; I wish you many wishes so you always have something to look forward to.

Would you want all your dreams to come true?

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart

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