How Would a Child Draw You?

How Would a Child Draw You?

Melanie is a mom of an eight-month old, adorable (and the fact he’s my great nephew has nothing to do with my saying this) little boy. Becoming a mother has caused her to look at the world differently. You can follow her personal journey here. Today Melanie gives us a look into her world as she seeks to look through the eyes of a child.

Children see the world differently than adults. Have you ever taken the time to look at some children’s drawings? Children draw what they see- unedited. I am so excited to see some of the drawings my son will create when he gets older. As I think about this I also ask myself how he will draw me!

Would I always have a camera, phone or computer in front of my face? Would I be smiling, laughing or frustrated? What would I be doing? More importantly I ask myself what I want him to draw.

I think he would draw me with a purple square in my hand (my iPhone with its purple case) because I’m always snapping pictures of him with it. I think I would have a huge grin on my face because I’m always making smiley faces at him. I hope that I wouldn’t be watching TV or on my computer. I hope that I would be playing with his blocks with him.

Each day I feel like it’s important to think about this because each day I’m developing a relationship with him that I want to be a good one. I want him to see me having fun hanging out with him, smiling, joyful and present.  This doesn’t apply to just my son, but also my husband and family.  I want to make time to be present with them completely in the moments we are together. I want them to see me as joyful, loving and fun!

A drawing is not a picture, it is how the artist perceives you. It takes everything about you into account and pulls out those they think are most relevant. It’s the difference between “Mommy yells all the time.” And, “Mommy yelled once yesterday but I would still draw her with a smile.”

If a child (yours if you have one!) drew you, how would you be depicted? Would you be happy with their depiction? How do you want to be drawn?

photo credit: RISD Museum

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