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  • How Would a Child Draw You?

    Melanie is a mom of an eight-month old, adorable (and the fact he’s my great nephew has nothing to do with my saying this) little boy. Becoming a mother has caused her to look at the world differently…

  • What Makes Someone a Hero?

    Melanie is back for her monthly weekend post! As always, Melanie poses an intriguing question, inviting us to think more deeply about a subject! Take it away Melanie! There are a few things in life that I..

  • How Do You Handle Anticipation?

    Welcome Melanie for another weekend post! Melanie was ready to run with a version of this post at this time last month but something happened which caused us to postpone it! Can you guess what happened? As I sat anxiously anticipating..

  • Why is Pretty So Important?

    Yay! It’s time for another fun Saturday post with Melanie! She always leads a lively debate! Check out Melanie’s renovated blog here! Take it away Melanie! Are you on Pinterest? I’ve been using the social site more and..

  • Why Do You Smile?

    Smiley Melanie is back with another Saturday post! If you are following her blog you know at least one reason she has to smile! Melanie has other reasons for smiling and she wants to know what your..

  • Do You Budget?

    We welcome Melanie Thompson back for her second Saturday post! We had a lot of fun last time when she talked about reading! She’s got another interesting topic for us! Take it away Melanie! I have always..