What Makes Someone a Hero?

What Makes Someone a Hero?

Melanie is back for her monthly weekend post! As always, Melanie poses an intriguing question, inviting us to think more deeply about a subject! Take it away Melanie!

There are a few things in life that I think are grossly overused; the standing ovation, the use of the word “that” and the declaration someone is a hero.

A hero is, “A person, who is admired for courage or noble qualities.”  On top of that I would argue it is someone who would be braver or nobler in a given situation than a typical person speeddating oslo. I don’t think a person who chooses a profession that requires bravery on a daily basis such as a police officer or firefighter is necessarily a hero. For example I consider the young boy who runs into a burning house to save his sibling a hero, but the firefighter who does the same is doing his job. (Am I alone in this?)

When I think of heroes in books or movies it is almost always someone who does something that no one else dared to do- something I wish I could have the courage to do but know I likely would not have. They overcome great obstacles to do great things. I think the title “hero” should be such a difficult one to acquire.

Maybe on some level we all want to be a hero or do something heroic. Could this be why superheroes intrigue us so much and are incredibly popular Halloween costumes?

Do you know any real-life heroes? Do you want to be a hero? What do you think makes someone a hero?

photo credit: Brian Dewey

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