Do You Recognize the Magic in Your Life?

Do You Recognize the Magic in Your Life?
“That’s the thing with magic.
You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us,
or it just stays invisible for you.”
-Charles de Lint


It was early on a Saturday morning. I awoke to a peaceful day; sunny, cool, quiet. I sat at my computer to catch up on my work and clear it away because today was an exciting day for me. This was the day I would address the last edits for my book. Today it would be finished!

Something caught my eye from the window behind my computer screen. It was a huge bird landing in the back yard! It had a wingspan of at least five feet, long legs, a long body and a long neck. It was a Great Blue Heron!

It stood still on the grass carefully considering its surroundings and then walked ever-so-slowly towards the pond. I caught my breath, afraid she would spook and fly away.

I moved slowly to the window, mesmerized by the look of her – so tall, so majestic, so beautiful. As I watched she stepped into the pond and walked along its shallow bottom. I ran from window to window seeking a better vantage point until she disappeared around the bend and up the brook. After a while, she came back down the brook to the pond. She emerged at the other side and stepped up onto the grass, walked a few steps, then she flew away.

Do you ever analyze your nighttime dreams? I think it is fun to analyze my waking hours too.  Why did a Great Blue Heron appear on such a significant day? What was her message?

Some say the Great Blue Heron is a symbol of one’s ability to stand alone, representing uniqueness, balance, self-esteem, dignity, exploration, fluidity and peace. What a powerful message on a day when I would decide whether or not my manuscript was ready to release, to take that final nervous step.

I sat in the wake of her visit moved by what had happened. She affected me long after she flew away, her message beating in my heart: courage.

Do you recognize the magic in your life? Do you ever analyze your waking hours?

photo credit: Don DeBold

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