How a Trip to Greece and a Question Changed My Life

How a Trip to Greece and a Question Changed My Life

“Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Sixteen months ago I boarded a plane with my daughter and flew across the ocean to Greece for a trip that would not only be a precious, memory-building, wonderfully- bonding experience with Natasha, but would change my life.

The first nine days were pretty normal if you can call roaming through ancient sites in Athens and shopping through wonderful boutiques in Mykonos and exploring the Old Bazaar in Crete normal. Natasha and I were talking continuously, catching up on the five years she’d been away at university. The phone calls, emails, messaging and brief visits home during that time had left a lot out. I recognized that this heavenly, uninterrupted time together in Greece was giving my daughter time to process those last five years through the telling of her stories. It was giving me something I’d been missing more than I’d realized. It was giving me time with her.

Greece was amazing. It was peaceful, flavorful, temperate, colorful, fragrant, friendly, and rich with history. Touching those ancient stones at the Parthenon and the Ancient Agora; brushing up against that history, was more powerful and moving than I could have imagined. But the experiences we shared while exploring a new country together merely provided the backdrop for what really happened there.

It was the evening of our ninth day. We were sitting in a Taverna enjoying supper when she leaned across the table to me and asked the question that made my world grind to a halt. She posed it innocently, tentatively, as only she could have done. Because of that question and what I learned, by the next morning before I even got out of bed, my life had changed forever.

After I returned home from Greece, I started using what I’d learned. I started writing about it. I couldn’t not write about it. I had to tell the story. I wanted to share it with you.

Has someone ever asked you a question or said something to you that changed your life?

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