Did You Ever Do Something You Swore You Would Never Do?

Did You Ever Do Something You Swore You Would Never Do?

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We make promises to ourselves all the time. The words “I would never…” have been uttered by each of us at some point I’m sure.

Often these words are spoken when we are in a situation where we aren’t yet faced with the issue we are so certain of how we would handle. For example promising never to be the mom dragging her child kicking and screaming from the store before we even have children, or promising never to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make us happy before we are even in a relationship, or even as simple as “I would never let my house get that messy,” before even owning a house.

These promises we make to ourselves can be well-intentioned and great promises to keep, but what happens if/when we break them?

Recently I did something I swore I would never do and that’s spam every one of my social channels with pictures of my new little guy. I always felt like it was too much when moms only shared pictures of their kids but here I am, at a loss for what else in the world could possibly be more worth sharing. I’m sure that I’m driving some people on facebook crazy.

This has happened more than once in my life and I often reduce it to not knowing any better when I made the promise in the first place. I wonder what a younger version of me would think of me now. Maybe I actually knew better then, when things were black and white. There are definitely some promises I would have been better off keeping.

Have you ever done something you swore you would never do? How do you feel about it now? Are you a ‘never say never’ person?

photo credit: Fabi Dorighello

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